Leising Excavating Inc. and Mulch is your premier father and son family owned and operated company in Greensburg, Indiana.

Leising Excavating Inc. was established in 1990 by Tom and Jenny. They’re oldest son Adam took interest at a very young age and has been a part of the business as long as everyone can remember. From riding alongside his father, to his father teaching him everything he knew, to now working beside him. They feel that they truly built a great family business.

In 2007 the Leising family decided to expand the excavating company, making a mulch facility and much more. Changing the company name from Leising Excavating Inc. to now Leising Excavating Inc. and Mulch. From selling to just homeowners and landscapers to now also supplying wholesalers their mulching needs.

The mulch company started for recycling materials off of their excavating jobs, but then turned into much more. Leising’s added more semis and trucks along with roll-off containers/dumpsters to bring wood material back to the facility to be recycled. The roll-off containers/dumpsters also help their customers by getting rid of much more than recycling materials. They expanded the container/dumpsters for concrete removal, home remodeling projects, garage clean outs and much more.

The Leising family is very appreciative for all of the business over the years, and they try to show their appreciation back, by the service they provide to their customers. The Leising family feels that they are reliable, punctual and professional, along with fair rates and quality work. A lot of customers enjoy being able to work with them and being able to talk to them directly.

As Adam and his wife Holly start to grow their family, they hope to continue to add family member/members to the family company.

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